Flexible packaging has become a popular optioned amongst retailers and consumers of various products categories. Flexible packaging is recognized as one of the safest options of packaging for the packaging of products of all forms. Thanks to years of exceptional service delivery, Swiss Pac is capable of providing the prefect package material to cater for all product requirements. Our flexible packaging supplies are time and again consumed for the following product categories, but are not only restricted to;

  • Pet food packaging
  • Chicken bags
  • Detergent packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Rice packaging
  • Salt packaging
  • Cheese packaging
  • Pet Food Packaging

    Pet Food Packaging

    The demand for pet food packaging has increased, due to the substantial amount of pet food products available on the market.

  • Cheese Packaging

    Cheese Packaging

    Cheese is one of the very prominent dairy products purchased in stores, hence a reliable and durable packaging bag..

  • Chicken Bags

    Chicken Bags

    Chicken bags are an essential commodity in many household. The need to freeze and reheat goods has become the norm of modern society.

  • Detergent packaging

    Detergent packaging

    The market for detergent good has grown to such an extent that, leakage-proof and highly effective packaging designs..

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Pharmaceutical goods are the primary source of goods packaged in this form of packaging, but are not restricted to only this type of product.

  • Rice Packaging

    Rice Packaging

    Rice packaging assist with the effortless distribution of various rice products. The rice packaging helps with brand recognition.

  • Salt Packaging

    Salt Packaging

    Salt is one of the hardest commodities to distinguish amongst your competitors and can only be done through the use of excellent salt packaging designs.

  • Sugar Packaging

    Sugar Packaging

    Sugar is one of the world’s most consumed products as it is used in many households. Sugar packaging should…

  • Tobacco Packaging

    Tobacco Packaging

    Tobacco packaging is used to distribute products containing nicotine, but distribution is not the only important…