Chocolate packaging

Most of the consumers who buy chocolates, consume for the purpose of gift selection or self enjoyment. In both instances a creative packaging design is essential to attract consumers.

Advantageous gain of product use

Chocolates are enjoyed by many people regardless of their age. There are many ways to package chocolate related goods, but flexible packaging produced at Swiss Pac has proven to be more reliable and cost effective. Companies choose effective chocolate packaging mainly because;

  • Chocolate products are protected throughout the distribution process
  • Flexible packaging keeps goods fresher for longer, as packaging can include foil layers that ensure that products are preserved
  • Flexible chocolate packaging provides valuable nutritional information that assist consumers in correct product selection
  • Packaging designs are used to attract potential consumers and retain current target audience

Functional use of packaging

Chocolates can be consumed in various product forms hence the correct chocolate packaging is needed to support the varied properties of each product choice. The correct chocolate packaging is not only used to protect the product but is also used to market your product when you are absent. Chocolate packaging’s primary function would be to package product categories such as;

  • Chocolate truffles
  • Chocolate baking ingredients
  • Hot chocolate / chocolate milkshakes
  • Chocolate slabs/ sweets

We at Swiss Pac know that chocolate packaging needs to be an attractive type of packaging as this adds to the product or brand characteristic. We have competent graphic designers readily available to assist you with all packaging designs decisions.

Identification of package

Most chocolate products are heat sensitive and require chocolate packaging material that is composed of special material properties that will support the packaging of chocolate products. Swiss Pac produces chocolate packaging such as cold seal rolls which are excellent for heat sensitive products as no heat is needed for the sealing of this packaging type. Other chocolate packaging bag styles such as the following is used to promote and protect chocolate products;

  • Twist wrap with chocolate films
  • Flat bottom bags
  • Gusset bags
  • Three side seal bags

Every chocolate packaging material produced at Swiss Pac is done with the core aim of producing reliable, flexible and durable packaging material. Plastic films used in the production of chocolate packaging include; MET, LLDPE, PVC, PET and PE. WE also provide customization options to the chocolate packaging produced on request.

measuring standup pouches

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Brown Papar Bags one side clear Biodegradable-Bags
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