Cold seal rolls

The Cold seal rolls are a process whereby heat sensitive products are protected. This form of packaging provides the perfect labeling for chocolate products.

Technical Aspects :

Cold seals rolls are the perfect packaging option for those heat sensitive products. The use of the cold seal roll is a process whereby heat is replaced by an adhesive form of rubber. Swiss Pac makes use of the latest technology such as the rotogravure technique which allows us to print on cold seal roll packaging material by utilizing up to 9 different colours. The best plastic films to use for cold seal rolls would be transparent or paper.

Product Usage

Cold seal rolls are not only a packaging material used for effective promotional packaging but used to prolong the product shelf life and provides product protection, as products are protected from oxygen and moist. Product categories which will be best suited for this kind of packaging design include;

  • Confectionery
  • Candy
  • Bakery goods,
  • Pastry
  • Nutritional bars
  • Cereal bars
  • Organic products
  • Medical products

Cold seal rolls offer consumers the convenience of peal and seal packaging, which provides your business a competitive advantage.

Product Identification

Consumers are drawn to the cold seal roll packaging for its attractive appearance. Creation of cold seal rolls package designs can be developed by one of the Swiss Pac designers given that the correct product information, and brand requirements have been supplied. We make us of high quality plastic films which provides that excellent bonding strength. Material forms that have been utilized in the process of producing cold seal rolls include;

  • PET
  • MATT
  • BOPP
  • MET
  • PE

Cold seal rolls can be produced using either matt, gloss or a shiny finish.