1. Will Shipment of flexible packaging ordered be possible to my country?

    Yes, we do business across the globe and have offices based in various countries, hence we will be able to ship packaging to the country of your choice.

  2. What is the minimum prerequisite order per unit for stocked packaging?

    You are not limited in choosing only one colour or size for stock flexible packaging products just bear in mind that the minimum units ordered need to be 1000 units.

  3. What would the minimum prerequisite order for customized packaging be?

    WE provide customized packaging products, but have a minimum requirement order of 10000 units’ as these products are more expensive to manufacture.

  4. I would like to choose a creative design for my custom packaging bag, but know nothing about the art of designing. Does your company provide assistance with the packaging designs?

    Yes, we have a highly skilled team of graphic designers who are more than willing and capable of helping you choose the perfect design for your products’ packaging.

  5. How many days will it take for my order to reach me?

    Stock package design orders are delivered within 7-10 working days, dependent on country of delivery, after payment has been received. Tracking details are provided on request.

  6. How many days does it take for custom orders to be delivered?

    Customized orders will generally take up to 6 weeks until delivery reaches its destination as custom packaging products have more formalities to be processed.

  7. How do I know my order has been dispatched?

    Once your flexible packaging order has been processed, tracking details will be conveyed to you by one of our friendly sale consultants.

  8. Do you provide samples of your packaging products?

    Yes samples are provided on request, provided that you visit the following link www.paperbags.org/buy.htm . As a payment of 25 USD needs to be processed, but will later be deducted from the total amount of actual order placed.

  9. Are transportation and insurance costs inclusive within the order price?

    Yes all costs are inclusive of order price of package material, except for import duties that are imposed on goods in various countries.

  10. Are there faster delivery options available?

    Yes there are express delivery options, but will come at additional charges as they are not inclusive of food packaging supplies order price.