Four sides sealed bags

Four side seal bags are more popular these days and have become a prominent selection amongst consumers. They are considered to be one of the more secure packaging bags.

Technical Aspects :

Four sided sealed bags, also known as your Quad sealed bags. Swiss Pac offers only a custom option in our four sided sealed bags. These pouches can be personalized to your preference. The Four sided seal bag takes a box- pouch form and has the graphics imprinted on the packaging. Four side sealed bag packagings are one of our custom packaging which includes the offer of custom printing. We make use of the rotogravure technique, which allows us to print with the use of up to nine different colours. The minimum units per order would 10000 units. Swiss Pac consultants can be contacted for further information regarding our four sided seal bags.

Product Usage :

Many clients opt for our four sided sealed bags packing as this provides their packaging with a more modern look; hence it’s good for promotional packaging. Four sides sealed bags are produced mainly for products such as;

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Fertilizer
  • Chocolate nuts
  • Protein powder and much more.

Four sided seal bags are very beneficial as they are sealed around all four sides, ensuring that contents remain inside the packaging. Four side seal bag packaging contributes positively towards shelf displays as the brand and company information can be displayed on the packaging, this sort of packaging material also makes shelves look satisfactory and systematic.

Product Identification :

The basic form that the Four Sided Sealed Bag represents would be a four sided pouch, of which all four sides are sealed. One of the sides will remain open, simply for filling purposes. The open side can later be sealed with a heat sealing machine. The four sided sealed bag is available in the following material compositions;

  • Brown Kraft paper
  • White paper
  • Plastic
  • Polyester film
  • Metallization BOPP
  • BOPA film