Gusset Bags

Gusset bags have become both a packaging and trend as they are convenient, durable and stylish .On ordering of gusset bags, specification of whether it’s a stock or custom option should be made clear with all information provided.

Technical Aspects

We here at Swiss Pac manufacture different kinds of gusset bags namely;

  • Side Gusset bags
  • Central seal and
  • Side Gusset on Side seal bags

The gusset bags have become more favourable overtime as the side gusset attribute allows for accessible displays on shelves; hence it is more beneficial for retail packaging. Gusset bags produced at Swiss Pac are biodegradable bags reflecting a more environmentally friendly approach of doing business. Bags are produced using polypropylene and polythene plastics. We produce both a stock option and a custom option bags, allowing you to choose the perfect package design. We also offer metalized packaging. Stock option bags range from 250gr to 3000gr. Upon ordering please bear in mind that the minimum order unit is 10000.

Product Usage

Gusset bags are best used for promotional packaging, as the gusset bag can stand by itself on the shelf which portrays an appealing appearance. Gusset bags are usually filled with various products ranging from; Organic products, protein powder, pet food, coffee, tea, pharmaceutical products. They are best used for coffee packaging as we offer degassing valves to ensure package durability and product freshness. Metalized packaging has a protective barrier against light, moisture and oxygen. This package design is best suited for medium weighted goods. Gusset bags are also excellent for the display of nutritional information which is vital for consumers. Cellophane bags would be the best option for all light weight goods. Assistance regarding gusset bag package material and package design specifications is readily available from our Swiss Pac consultants without delay.

Product Identification

The form of the Gusset bag would be a pouch with two side gussets and a bottom sealing, with one side remaining open allowing for easy filling and sealing. The bottom sealing provides extra strength to retain the contents’ of the packaging material. The Side Gusset on central seal’s form would be a pouch with two side gussets, a central seal and bottom seal. The central seal allows the pouch to stand by itself and provides the bottom seal with more strength and flattens the bottom out, so when the drop test is done the packaging will not burst. Stock packaging is available in the following material;

  • Shiny or matt ( with or without frosted or transparent windows)
  • Available in colours such as; Clear, Gold , Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Black and white,


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