Measuring spoons

Measuring spoons have been used for many years, and continue to be used in homes and in different businesses that require their use.

Technical Aspects :Swiss Pac provides a stock and custom selection of measuring scoops, better referred to as measuring spoons. This is an essential part of many homes or even industries. Measuring spoons help with the precise measurement of various substances. Measuring spoons produced at Swiss Pac are durable and affordable. Minimum orders of custom measuring spoons have 10000 units requirement. We have helpful consultants willing to assist you with regards to our measuring spoons. Shipment is made possible as we make use of DHL and UPS courier services.Product Usage :These measuring spoons can be used to measure various substances of different densities, ranging from;

  • Liquids
  • Viscous products
  • Granules

Measuring spoons help with the precise measurement of various substances. In turn this helps prevent businesses and individuals from incurring financial damage or health complications. Many of the measuring spoons are purchased to bear;

  • Liquids
  • Protein powders,
  • Pesticides
  • Powder substances.

Product Identification :

All measuring spoons are manufactured by making use of polypropylene or polyethylene which provides the plastic measuring spoons produced at Swiss Pac with the unique strength and flexibility of which it is known for in the retail packaging industry. Measuring spoons can be produced in various shapes and sizes. Our stock selection for measuring spoons, size ranges bewteen1 ml to 100 ml. The colour variations for stock measuring spoons are readily available in clear or blue. Customized measuring spoons options are also available, where consumers are able to brief us on what requirements are necessary for each measuring spoon. Features such as; small to large sized handles are available, colour variations for measuring spoons are also made available .All measuring spoons produced at Swiss

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