Products produced at Swiss Pac are biodegradable bags, of which some are metalized and others not. Weights mentioned below are based on the roasted coffee beans weights of bags. The density of other products may vary.
Swiss Pac provides for all your packaging needs among others are packaging such as;

  • Your spice packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Supplements Packaging
  • Organic Products Packaging
  • Stock Spout Pouches
  • Stand Up Pouches

The optioned of installing valves in the packaging material is based on the product that needs packaging and on customers demand.

  • Gusset Bags

    Gusset Bags

    Gusset bags have become both a packaging and trend as they are convenient, durable and stylish .


  • Four sides sealed bags

    Four sides sealed bags

    Four side seal bags are more popular these days and have become a prominent selection amongst consumers.


  • Vacuum Packaging bags

    Vacuum Packaging bags

    The process of the vacuum packaging bag includes removal of excess air to ensure that the produce remains fresh.


  • Flat Bottom Bags

    Flat Bottom Bags

    Flat bottom bags are becoming more popular as they are an eye catching, flexible box packaging form that can be..


  • Paper Bags

    Paper Bags

    Paper bags are one of the most natural looking forms of packaging and can be used to package various products..


  • Plastic Bags

    Plastic Bags

    Plastic bags are one of the most traditional forms of packaging. Plastic bags can be customized and are not as costly.


  • Coffee bags

    Coffee bags

    Coffee bags are one of the safest forms of coffee packaging and provide various modifications to meet the requirements of different brands.


  • Three sided seal bags

    Three sided seal bags

    Three sided seal bags are used for the packaging of various products, ranging amongst spices to beauty products….


  • Spout pouches

    Spout pouches

    Spout pouches provide a flexible packaging option for all your fluid products. It makes transportation of products easier…


  • Pillow Pouches

    Pillow Pouches

    Pillow pouches are your most frequently used pouch forms and is a cost effective packaging approach….


  • Retort bags

    Retort bags

    Retort bags have slowly replaced the need for canning packaging as it is far more flexible and effective than the traditional approach….


  • Measuring spoons

    Measuring spoons

    Measuring spoons have been used for many years, and continue to be used in homes and in different businesses that require their use….


  • Twist Wrap

    Twist Wrap

    Twist wrap packagings are on of the most attractive forms of packaging and can be used to lure consumers to buying the product….


  • Shrink sleeves

    Shrink sleeves

    Shrink sleeves have been used to replace your traditional form of paper labeling. It is far less rigid and can be used to label packaging….


  • Cold seal rolls

    Cold seal rolls

    The Cold seal rolls are a process whereby heat sensitive products are protected. This form of packaging provides the perfect….


  • Stand up pouches

    Stand up pouches

    Stand up pouches are shelf friendly and usually lure consumers to shelves, because of their systematic appearance. ….


  • Re’sealable Zippers

    Re’sealable Zippers

    TRe’sealable zippers are a mere modification option made available to most bags produced at Swiss Pac and can contribute ….