Retort bags

Retort bags have slowly replaced the need for canning packaging as it is far more flexible and effective than the traditional approach.

Technical Aspects :

Swiss Pac manufactures contemporary retort bags, allowing you to choose from our stock retort bag or customized retort bag options. Retort bags have been consumed so vastly that it has replaced the traditional form of can and bottle packaging designs. We here at Swiss Pac make use of the rotogravure printing system for all your retort bag printing. Swiss Pac uses up to 9 colours’ within the printing process

Product Usage :

Retort bags are packaging friendly as they can be easily transported and stored because of the convenience of their unique bag form .Retort bags can be packed in various ways on shelves, providing retailers with more promotional options. Retort bags are a more secure way of packaging liquid goods as glass can break in the process of transportation. Retort bags are used for the packaging of products such as;

  • Fresh food produces
  • Organic baby foods
  • Pet foods
  • Organic foods

Product Identification :

A retort bag is a plastic and metal foil layered pouch that is used in place of your traditional canning methods. Some retort bags have bottom gussets and which are then stand-up pouches. This process is very similar to canning; only the retort bags are more flexible. A retort bag goes through a process whereby micro-organisms are eliminated from the retort bag hence giving it an elongated shelf life. No zippers are unfortunately fixed to retort bags due to the high temperature process in which the retort bags have to move through.