Shrink sleeves

Shrink sleeves have been used to replace your traditional form of paper labeling. It is far less rigid and can be used to label packaging of various shapes and sizes.

Technical Aspects :

Shrink sleeves are one of the most modern and frequently used forms of promotional packaging which are also referred to as your shrink sleeve labels or shrink bands. Shrink sleeves perform the same function as your ordinary label, but are far more durable and efficient. Swiss Pac manufactures shrink sleeve labels for many parts of packaging which include; beverage cans and bottles. The rotogravure printing technique is utilized hence we can make use of up to 9 colours. Rotogravure printing done on various plastic forms also enhances the colour and display of imprinted images. Shrink sleeves are produced with materials such as;

  • PVC
  • PETG
  • OPP

By using the above mention materials the best quality shrink sleeves are manufactured.
Product Usage :

Shrink sleeve packaging has proved to increase sales as they are very attractive and have eye-luring in displays. Shrink sleeves have longer durability than ordinary paper labeling as they are not sensitive to light and humidity. Shrink sleeves are beneficial to both end consumers and retailers as important nutritional information is displayed on shrink sleeves. Shrink sleeves are commonly produced for the packaging of

  • Beverages
  • Dairy products
  • Wine bottles
  • Pet foods
  • Industrial goods

Shrink sleeves can offer retailers with promotional packaging tools such as multi-packaging products that can be sold in bulk. Another benefit of a Shrink sleeves would be their ability to ensure that products remain tamper free.

Product Identification :

Various packaging designs can be produced with this form of packaging material. We can manufacture shrink sleeves for numerous bottle sizes and shapes. We can customize shrink sleeves according to your brands preference. Shrink sleeves produced at Swiss Pac can either be made from PVT, OPS and PET. Films printing options of up to 360 degrees are available, providing greater brand coverage. Tone effects and perforation are offered with the rotogravure technique. Shrink sleeves are produced using about 2 to 3 layers of LLDPE (a form of plastic) which enhances the flexibility of shrink sleeves