Side gusset bags and side seal

Side gusset bags are perfect for packaging that requires a vast amount of brand coverage. This form of packaging is a custom option as branding can be imprinted on all sides of the gusset bag.

Technical Aspects :

Side gusset bags are a custom packaging option as this option allows plenty of space for brand printing of products, which are printed on both the front and back panels of side gussets bags. Side gusset bags are the most convenient and popular form of packaging coffee. Custom printing on side gusset bags are possible as we make use of the rotogravure process, enabling us to utilize up to 9 different colours. Our size variations for the side gusset bags vary between 250gr and 3000gr.Staff at Swiss Pac are capable and willing to provide assistance with regards to graphical designing of side gusset bags. Price variations are dependent on the weight of side gusset bags. Upon ordering side gusset bags, keep in mind that a minimum order of 10000 units need to be ordered

Product Usage :

The demand for product information has increased over the years and side gusset bags makes it possible, as it provides more than enough space for displaying of brand information and nutritional information. Side gusset bags are best suited for medium weight products. Markets that make use of this kind of promotional packaging include;

  • Pet food
  • Powder goods
  • Teas and coffee products

Side gusset bags have been produced for the packaging of products sensitive to water-vapor and oxygen.

Product Identification :

The side gusset bags are mainly recognized for its folds, which are fixed on both the left and right sides. The bag takes form as soon as it is filled; the weight of the bag holds the bag upright. Side gusset bags sealing’s assist with the durability of pouches and can be sealed in the following ways; side seal, center seal or quad side seal. The seals that are on the side gusset bags remain open until contents have been inserted, only then should packaging be sealed with a heat sealer machine. Packaging material variations of which side gusset bags may be customized include; Shiny, Matt finish side gusset bag or Kraft paper bags. Side gusset bags can effortlessly be customized with degassing valves on request, to meet preferences of various packaging material needs. Side gusset bags that have been manufactured at Swiss Pac make use of plastic forms such as BOPP, Nylon, MET and PET. Side gusset bags are available in clear and colours;

  • Gold or Silver
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black and White

side gusset bags measuring

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