Snack food packaging

Snack food are considered small quantities of food which could be nibbled on, mostly consumed at; functions, parties or for self enjoyment. Snacks are available in various forms such as processed or packaged foods. Snack food can be classified as junk food and provide no nutritional support to the body, but important nutritional information can be printed on flexible packaging to inform consumers about other important nutritional product information.

Advantageous gain of product use

Snack foods are, small quantities of tasty foods consumed at parties or other at recreational activities. They are often goods that are moist sensitive and require foil layering to ensure product freshness. The primary aim of snack food packaging include;

  • Flexible snack food packaging can be packed and stored with ease and more cost effectively than rigid packaging methods
  • Creative snack food packaging designs increases point of sale transactions
  • Contents within snack packaging is protected from harmful bacteria and excess moist
  • Protection of the various forms of different snacks are protected throughout the distribution process
  • Health and other nutritional information can effectively be displayed on packaging material

Functional use of packaging

The execution of a good packaging design can serve an excellent promotional tool, used to lure potential consumers to shelves while retaining the current customer loyalty. A flexible packaging option for snack food packaging is preferred as this package form is more portable and durable to the extent of which it has to be. The most important function of snack food packaging is to package commodities such as;

  • Chips
  • Roasted/salted/plain nuts
  • Dried focaccio or savory bread bites
  • Peanut and raisins
  • Biltong sticks
  • Organic baby food snacks
  • Salted crackers

Identification of package

Food packaging is more flexible these days as there are different ways to package snack food products, to cater for various brand preferences. The most favoured packaging type includes the de metalizing packaging option as this packaging type allows packaging to be foil layered, to preserve produce, and still have bag windows for clear product display. The bag selection offered, at Swiss Pac , for snack food packaging include;

  • Flat bottom bags
  • Pillow pouches
  • Stand up pouches

Different plastic materials used in the production of packaging material, contribute to the flexibility and durability of material. The most commonly used plastic films include: MET, PET, PE, LLDPE and PVC. Customization of snack food packaging produced may be done on request and have a minimum order quantity of 10 000 units

measuring standup pouches

Cheese Packaging Plastic Packaging Vageatable Packaging Pet Food Packaging
Clear / Clear Matt Gold / Matt Gold Shiny Silver / Shiny Silver Black / Black
Cat Food Bags Dog Food Bags Sugar Packaging Chocolate Packaging
Shiny Silver / Clear Black / Clear Matt Gold / Clear Matt Silver / Clear
Organic Food Packaging Tea Bags Green Tea Packaging Nuts packaging
Shiny Gold / Clear Green / Clear Red / Clear Blue / Clear
Coffee Bags Protein Powder Packaging Food Packaging Spice Packaging
Green / Green Red / Red Blue / Blue Shiny Gold / Shiny Gold
Bath Salt Packaging Sea Food Packaging Kraft Paper Bags Fertilizer Packaging
Matt Silver / Matt Silver Shiny White / Shiny White Brown Paper / Brown Paper Photograph Of Bottom Gusset
In Stand Up Pouch
Black / Black - Rectangle window Black / Black with rectangle window Green / Green - Rectangle window Green / Green with rectangle window
Black / Black – Rectangle window Black / Black with rectangle window Green / Green – Rectangle window Green / Green with rectangle window
Brown Paper Bags
Stock Coffee Bags
Salt Packaging
Brown Paper / Brown Paper Matt Black / Matt Black Matt white / Matt White
Brown papar bags one side clear Biodegradable Bags
Brown Papar Bags one side clear Biodegradable-Bags
Brown papar bags one side clear Brown Paper Bags
Brown papar bags one side clear High barrier paper like bags with window & zipper
Jute look kraft Jute looks bags
Jute Look High Barrier Bags With Zipper Foil Lined Jute Look High Barrier Bags
Paper Bags white paper bags
Kraft brown paper bags with zipper oval window White Paper Bags with zipper and foil lined
Ultra Clear Bags

Ultra Clear Bags

Ultra Clear Transparent Bags

Ultra Clear Transparent Bags


Oval Window Pouches
Flexible packaging
Stand up pouch
stand packaging
stand up bags
Blue Green Matt Gold Matt Silver
stand up pouch bags
stand up pouches
Brown Paper Bags
stand up foil pouches
Red Black High barrier paper like
bags with window & zipper
Kraft brown paper bags
with zipper oval window

side gusset bags measuring

Nuts packaging Coffee Packaging Spice Packaging Gusset Bags
Matt Black
Shiny Gold
Matt Gold
Matt White
Pet Food Packaging Chocolate Packaging Food Packaging
Shiny Black
Matt Silver
Brown Paper Bags