Twist Wrap Packaging

Twist wrap packagings are on of the most attractive forms of packaging and can be used to lure consumers to buying the product.

Technical Aspects :

We here at Swiss Pac can create the perfect twist wrap packaging design to help your business distinguish itself amongst other industries. Most twist wrap packaging forms are remembered and trusted because of their physical display and durability; hence careful consideration should be done when choosing the right twist wrap packaging designs. Swiss Pac makes use of the rotogravure technique which allows us to make use of up 9 colours when printing and manufacturing twist wrap films.

Product Usage :

Twist wrap packaging for candy are one of the best promotional packaging tools your enterprise could use. The perfect twist wrap could lure more consumers to buying the product hence an increase in sales. Twist wrap packaging is primarily used to wrap the following group of goods;

  • Chocolates
  • Sweets
  • Chewing gum
  • Truffles
  • Jelly gums
  • Lollipops

Twist wrap packaging protects the actual produce from contamination and is durable because of PE and PPE materials used in the manufacturing process.

Product Identification :

Delicate graphical images can be imprinted on twist wrap packaging, as we utilize a very high DPI (dot per inch) system. Twist wrap packaging can be imprinted on one of the flowing;

  • Clear cellophane
  • BOPP
  • Paper films
  • Metalized BOPP,
  • OPP
  • PVC

Twist wraps are manufactured by using products which are safe for food packaging, such as 15 micron BOPP film which is a laminated paper with an adhesive of 10 GSM plus. Swiss Pac offers the option of having your twist wrap cold sealed wrapped, hence the packaging is protected from heat. Swiss Pac provides twist wrap packaging that preserves the shape and contents of packaging. This twist wrap packaging usually takes the form of a bow-tie, as the ends twist close. Twist wrap packaging is available in various colours such as;

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Black, White
  • Gold, Silver
  • Red

Material types range from Matt to a shinny finish. Consultants can be contacted for further queries.