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Vacuum Packaging bags

The process of the vacuum packaging bag includes removal of excess air to ensure that the produce remains fresh. This packaging form is far more flexible for storage purposes.

Technical Aspects :

The traditional method of vacuum packaging bags includes removal of excess air from the packaging material prior to sealing. By using inert gases, such as nitrogen, for the packing of certain food items help prevent the crushing of delicate foods.

Our vacuum packaging bags can either be selected from our stock vacuum packaging bag or as a custom vacuum bag option. Vacuum packaging bags are timely used for rigid and flexible packaging types, and are normally done to improve or elongate the shelf life of goods. We here at Swiss Pac produce vacuum packaging bags by utilizing seven layers of plastic, ensuring the durability of our packaging products. Plastic used within the production process are amongst others:

  • BOPP
  • BOPA

Custom printed vacuum packaging bags have the option of lamination. WE make use of the rotogravure technique on all custom printed vacuum packaging bags.

Product Usage

Vacuum packaging bags have become the new way to safeguard fresh produce against moist and other harmful molecules that could spoil the product, and limits the growth of aerobic bacteria. Vacuum packaging bags are primarily used to preserve fresh produce such as;

  • Sea food
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Dates
  • Fruit products

Vacuum packaging bags usually have a good shine to it because of the lamination option and therefore it can be used as a form of promotional packaging. Vacuum packaging bags are package convenient and can be easily transported. Vacuum packaging bags have become more frequently used for gourmet food packaging.

Product Identification :

Vacuum packaging bags are manufactured by using multilayer films. Our stock vacuum packaging bags are produced using seven layers of film. Size preference starts from 50gr -500gr for all stock bags. Vacuum packaging bags can also be customized with the following;

  • Euroslot and cut-out handles to ensure comfortable handling

Vacuum packaging bags can either be produced as clear/clear frosted or frosted. Co –extruded bags are a less expensive option in comparison with laminated Vacuum packaging bags, the graphic imprinting however cannot be done on Co – extruded vacuum packaging bags, as only surface printing is an option. The offer of having bags stand unattended on shelves are made available but no zips can be fixed to the vacuum packaging bags. Vacuum packaging bags are produced in the following bag types:

  • Three sided seal bags
  • Stand up pouches
  • Side gusset bags and more
Vacuum Bag

Vacuum Bag

Shiny Silver Vacuum Bags

Shiny Silver Vacuum Bags

Black Vacuum Bags

Black Vacuum Bags

Clear Vacuum Bags

Clear Vacuum Bags

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