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Application of Gusset Bags & Vacuum Packaging Bags

Application of Gusset Bags & Vacuum Packaging Bags

Gusset Bags

With the increase in use of plastic material for packaging, it is essential to invent new patterns and products. Available plastic bag patterns took more space and less storage capacity in order to combat this problem Swiss Pac here introduced Gusset bags which provides convenient, durable, stylish and maximum sales impact. It allows for accessible display on shelf with strong shelf life too. These bags are available in side seal, central seal and side gusset on side seal bags. Side Gusset bags give savings on fright and storage space. It uses 75% less plastic than rigid containers. It is highly beneficial for retail packaging. These bags are produced using polypropylene and polythene plastic; hence these bags are biodegradable saving our mother earth. Gusset Bags are available in stock as well as custom printed for customers to choose perfect package design. Printing ink will be sandwiched between two layers. Swiss Pac offers extensive metalized packaging as per customer requirement. Gusset bags are useful for storing products like protein powder, pet food, coffee, tea, pharmaceutical materials etc. These bags can be specialized using re’sealable zippers, degassing valves etc.

Vacuum Packaging Bags

Luxurious and comfortable living gave rise to new style of food packaging. With the increase use in frozen food and stored food new plastic products were introduced. Swiss Pac invented Vacuum Packaging Bags which are used to store food products so that they have longer shelf life and retain its properties. For the process for storing food products, the excess air is removed from the package prior to sealing this is done using inert gases like nitrogen. This technique prevents crushing of delicate foods. We utilize seven layers of plastic, ensuring the durability of our packaging products. Plastic used are LLDPE, BOPP, and BOPA. Vacuum Packaging Bags are available in stock as well custom printed. For custom printed rotogravure technique is used. For comfortable handling euro slot and cut-out handles are incorporated. Food products like sea food, beef, pork, dates, fruit products etc. These bags are available in clear, clear frosted or frosted with three side seal, stand up and side gusset.